That Silly White Band

So, what’s it all about? Folk are wearing them all over the place: celebrities keep cropping up wearing them and giving a little spiel during the ad breaks on telly and trailers at the cinema; even Alternative Nation has one stuck up there in the corner to annoy you.

Is it just a trendy new fashion thing? Or is there some worthwhile meaning behind it? Is it just a bunch of bandwagon jumpers? Or are these folk actually on to a good thing?

Is it – what we really want to know – is it, in actual fact, cool?

Well, I think so, and I’m far from alone. When you visit the Make Poverty History website you’ll find no “click to donate” buttons, no “direct debit donation” links. In fact, there’s nothing there that’s asking for your money at all. Strange, no? You were expecting requests to divvy up some beer money to help, weren’t you?

Well, no: all they’re asking for is your support; just for you to agree that making the poorest people in the world a little richer is a good idea. All they want is your voice joining with others around the world this year to say that you believe in making poverty history and that, really, so many children dying from poverty when there just isn’t any need is a pretty poor show. And just not rock ‘n’ roll.

So go on off to their website. Click the ‘Get Involved’ link and do all the online stuff to show support; if your funds can stretch to buying a stamp print out the postcard and send it off as well. There’s some great information and links around the site if you fancy learning more – they have all the ad movies there for you to watch as well if reading isn’t your thing.

And basically, that’s it. If enough people support it then governments have to listen, so spread the word to others – encourage their support and you can feel good about yourself, job well done. You’ll have helped to feed the poorest and most in need and still have all the spare change in your pocket – how can that be a bad thing?

The truth of the matter is that all together those silly white bands may just help to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people if governments make the right decisions. That’s not really such a silly thing after all.

It could maybe just change the world. Now that is definitely cool.

Make Poverty History website:

MPH is the UK-based campaign of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty alliance: to find out more in other countries visit
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