Not Animal, Not Vegetable, Nor Mineral

I’ve always been fascinated by Fungi since I learned of their rebellion against the “plants & animals” view of living things & taxonomy. Since then I’ve learned to love the common supermarket chestnut mushroom as an almost vital ingredient when cooking. Pizza isn’t pizza without mushrooms, pasta dishes only ever lack them because I eat so many during preparation that the cost becomes prohibitive!

So it’s slightly unusual for me to think that this year is the first time I’ve taken time to try seriously photographing them – even now I have very few in my collection. Which is a shame as I think they look amazing when you get right down in the dirt to shoot them from a low angle rather than the easier “looking down at” viewpoint.

This evening then, I offer up two favourites of my mushroom photos so far – the first from a pine forest near Aberdeen & the second, much more earthy, from Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow.
[flickr ids=2821400483,2995710387]

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