The Sandwich

I think I have decided that my blog languishes too long between updates. It’s not the first time I’ve thought that, in fact I probably think it a couple of times each week – despite often having ideas for things to write they never seem to fit with the themes I’ve decided on, or if they do I never get around to finising off the writing part of blogging. So today’s idea is to relax on the focus and just update on a more personal level more often and let the “better” updates sit alongside a hopefully more productive output – afterall blog categories and tags are there for folks who want to filter what they read into more focussed topics.

And therefore, in the spirit of writing whenever the mood takes and including more personal blog updates I offer up this entry, The Sandwich. Being vegetarian (and a rather fussy eater) makes sandwich choices very simple: I like white bread, cheese & tomatoes. The bread is the most important part, I’d eat good bread dry with water every day and be happy, the cheese & tomato are simply there to qualify as a sandwich and anything extra added is considered a luxury treat. So there you have it, a personal fact revealed in a spontaneously written blog entry. I shall in future attempt to maintain this high standard of excitement – promise!

The Sandwich by SpoiltCat, on Flickr

Providing two of my five-a-day in the cucumber & tomato. Providing five days worth of white bread in two slices but quite stingy with the cheese I think – only enough for a mild heart attack.

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