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The Three Stooges

So the plan was to invite two gerbils to live with us – but when there are three of the cute wee critters all being friendly and inquisitive then there’s no way to decide who to leave behind. So I now have three gerbils, the gerbilarium tank is now a “fine size” rather than very generous so I will have to build an extension for them (fun, so no complaints!).

The planned names of Laurel & Hardy was obvious one short so we’ve named them after the three stooges, Moe & Larry are traditional Mongolian gerbil coloured and Shemp is black – Shemp seemed to fit better than Curly as a name. Pictured here is Moe – I think, Moe has a subtle belt stripe that Larry probably doesn’t have…

Gerbil! by SpoiltCat, on Flickr

Gerbil! One of our new Mongolian Gerbils – I kept gerbils as pets as a child so I know these guys will be fun to look after.

This is Moe, or a slight chance it’s Larry but definitely not Shemp. I’ll get better at identifying them soon I hope!

Photo by SpoiltCat, on Flickr