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The Three Stooges

So the plan was to invite two gerbils to live with us – but when there are three of the cute wee critters all being friendly and inquisitive then there’s no way to decide who to leave behind. So I now have three gerbils, the gerbilarium tank is now a “fine size” rather than very generous so I will have to build an extension for them (fun, so no complaints!).

The planned names of Laurel & Hardy was obvious one short so we’ve named them after the three stooges, Moe & Larry are traditional Mongolian gerbil coloured and Shemp is black – Shemp seemed to fit better than Curly as a name. Pictured here is Moe – I think, Moe has a subtle belt stripe that Larry probably doesn’t have…

Gerbil! by SpoiltCat, on Flickr

Gerbil! One of our new Mongolian Gerbils – I kept gerbils as pets as a child so I know these guys will be fun to look after.

This is Moe, or a slight chance it’s Larry but definitely not Shemp. I’ll get better at identifying them soon I hope!

Photo by SpoiltCat, on Flickr

An Empty Glass Tank

I’m uncharacteristically enthused by my current project, I’m using my limited DIY & woodworking talents to fashion a decent house for some gerbils. The plans for our gerbilarium started as just making a lid for the 16 gallon (20 US gallons) tank but it just didn’t seem enough so I am designing and building them a tank-topper that will, hopefully, be suitable for gerbil royalty. The enthusiasm is refreshing and I think it’s down to being creative in a manner that feels new to me, I’ve spent so long building intangible web solutions and for years now creating only digital photographs that I lost the joy of creation, the pleasure to be had from making something real and physical, something that exists in the physical world to step back from and be admired once I am finished.

Of course I shan’t finish it, like many of my creations it will go to permanent beta, built in modules and easily added to later. This is the way I create, I rarely see the finished object when starting out on a project, I see potentials. I saw an empty glass tank and in my head it becomes a three storey gerbil mansion. Sometimes I look at seeds and see not just the tree that will grow but the forest, complete with birds flitting about above early morning dog-walkers calling on Rover as he chases squirrels through the undergrowth!

My lesson to learn is to control my creative outpourings, to direct them towards a useful end and to learn to recognise when that has been reached and to stop. Afterall, if I never finish things how can I fully enjoy starting the new and the exciting!

An Empty Glass Tank by SpoiltCat, on Flickr

This tank was left by a previous tenant, the temptation to clean it and then set it up as home for a pair of gerbils was too much for me to resist. This was the first stage of my preparations, there is more of everything now – except still no gerbils!